Daycare, Preschool And School Sport Dance Lessons

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Daycare, Preschool And School Sport Dance Lessons

We offer our most popular and fastest growing dance program, our 30 minute ‘Munchkin Magic Program’ designed for children aged 3-5 years, to local preschools and daycare centres for as little as $110 for 8-10 children. These lessons can be purchased and held on an ongoing or casual basis at your center. What’s provided?

  • 1x 30 minute joyful and engaging class
  • Props such as: maracas, pom poms, twirling ribbons, fairy wands etc.
  • 1x Munchkin Magic professional instructor per class
  • Own sound system and music device
  • Participation stickers at the end of each lesson
  • Participation certificate per child (for centres with an ongoing program).

We also offer dance classes for school sports for primary and secondary levels

Styles included are jazz, hip hop, lyrical, ballet and tap. We can either offer these classes as set genres for set times or have a combo class of mixed genres each week

The duration of the program can be as long as 8 week sessions, a full year, or as little as 1 casual session per month or term. It is totally up to you!

We can also choreography school dance performances for events, competitions and assembly’s.

Prices for primary and secondary school aged children starts at $110 for a group of min 8-10 students.

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