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What Our Clients Say

We love the amazing friendly and family vibe, the bond between the teachers and students and the passion for dance that is truly noticeable and shines at the end of year showcase!!

Ashlee Martin
Dance Parent

Dance is so much fun and i’m really enjoying learning new things every week. I am so glad i deceided to join United Dance, it’s been an amazing experience so far and i can’t wait to continue!

Katelyn Murray
Dance Parent

I love the energy and vibe that miss Maddi brings to classes and overall at the dance studio. I have improved so much since starting at United and now have the chance to teach my own little kiddlings and help them with their goals

Maddi O'Connor
Dance Parent

We love the teachers kind attitude and approach to teaching. We stay for this reason and because of the relaxed atmosphere!

Rebecca Nicholas
Dance Parent

The combo class seemed like the perfect start out into dancing. We have stayed because aria gets so excited for Monday’s dance day and has formed a great bond and loves talking about miss maddi and the student teachers. Dancing is the only drop off where there is never any tears or tantrums.

Sarah Wilkinson
Dance Parent

In the short time Alison has been there we have noticed such a HUGE change in her confidence and social skills which is going to help her so much with school next year. She was so shy and reserved and now after even just a term of dance she is the complete opposite. She has made some beautiful friendships with the girls in her class as well .

Steph Patti
Dance Parent

Thank you Maddi and the team at United Dance for looking out for Alicia and treating her as a valued member of your dance family. I am very lucky to have found your dance studio and I am appreciative of your care and support for Alicia. It really does take a village to raise children and I am thankful I can be a part of your village!

Rea Bridge
Dance Parent

“I believe the way the teachers really care about each student and how they help them so much sets them a part from the others in our area.”

Kiara Richards
Dance Parent

“We love United Dance as it has a very strong family feel and a great sense of belonging. We love the teachers unique teaching styles and my girls always have the best of fun!”

Amy Carver
Dance Parent

“It’s not just about their dancing, it’s about giving, sharing, caring, personal development & loving others”

Mary Parsons
Dance Parent

Not only are students treated as talented individuals and are provided with numerous opportunities to achieve their personal best, they’re also provided with a supportive and nurturing environment that fosters lifelong friendships

Melissa Bristow
Dance Parent

“All of the teachers nurture and educate my daughter and provide her with great role models to look up to!”

Samantha Schofield
Dance Parent

“Enormous effort and care go into absolutely everything and my daughter loves going each week! Her confidence has soared!”

Merilyn Burton
Dance Parent