Why Your Child Needs Dance In These Times!

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Why Your Child Needs Dance In These Times!

In times like this, dance can be an ESSENTIAL for some kids.

Most of us have a reason to get out of bed; work, breakfast and even coffee (I can totally relate to this one!!). We don’t realise how much of an impact dance has on our kids and may even be their reason to get out of bed some mornings.

Now, I understand some of us may be over hearing about this pandemic BUT, times like this is when you may see your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence go down the drain. This is where dance comes in to play!

During this pandemic, you may have seen an increase in anxiety and poor mental health rates amongst the younger generation. This could be due to many reasons; loneliness, isolation or the inability to simply get out and about in the community. We have found that the biggest reason for this increase is due to excessive time on screens. Children are consistently on their screens through online schooling and social media. Although this is a great way to interact and connect with their friends and school teachers, it has decreased the chance of them being outside to exercise, interact physically and socialise with their peers meaning their mood and emotions may be built up and taking a toll on them. Although dance has been MOSTLY virtual, we have tried our best to encourage students to get in a zone where they are feeling the music and feel comfortable in their new temporary dance environment. We have also found that dance studios that have gone virtual, have seen a great increase in quality family time and allowed parents to watch the students growth in their own home! Again, dance IS the answer!

Pictured: United Dance students participating in their virtual online dance classes in the space of their own homes, during Covid-19 lockdown, May 2020].

Dance has so many benefits both physically and mentally. It promotes teamwork, social skills, releases good endorphins, strengthens muscles and bone structure, instils good posture and balance and most of all creates an environment free from judgement where students can express themselves. This is why our children need dance! It lifts them up, gives them a purpose and a sense of belonging. Times like these are tough, but dance can really ease the stress and allow students to switch off from the world and just be present for at least one night a week. How awesome is that!

Many studios have struggled during the pandemic and have financially been forced to either shut down, decrease class sizes or increase prices for classes, and don’t forget the extra amount of mammoth cleaning duties to keep on top of! This has shaped the dance community and has been a massive positive outcome as it has made studio owners and dance teachers realise the real value of their profession, THE STUDENTS!!. This period has made our studio in particular realise the power of support, motivation and dedication. We have finally found our feet again and we can’t wait to see our students shine on the stage very soon!

[Pictured: United Dance student abiding Covid-19 safety procedures]

Our parents and carers have been so impressed by the way our studio and dance family has handled this time. One of our parents, Megan Carter, stated “Well done on your hard work this year guys. It must have been very stressful for you, but once again, you’re putting your students first”. This testimonial reflects what our priorities were through this hard time and is what our dance community is all about; family, nurture, confidence, growth and achievement.

So, if you’re thinking of enrolling your child into dance, do it! It’s in these times that children need extra support and love and the perfect dance family that fits your needs and values is the best place for that.

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